Fragment of Presence

Life is in infinite motion; at the same time it is motionless


Visual Design


May, 2016


Motionlessness is the opposite of motion. It describes something that stays in the same place compared with another. It means stable, unchanging, and unmoving. Motionlessness and motion cannot be isolated. They are unified. Reaching the climax of motionlessness, we will climb over the top of calm and turn to the status of changing, moving, unstable. Sitting in the same spot for a day, we are still running around the earth because the earth is rotating.

Light is motionless, mountains are motionless, and trees are motionless. In reality, light flies, mountains are shaped, trees grow. They are considered motionless because they are either moving too fast or too slow so that the speed goes beyond human thinking and feeling. At the time period, everything is moving or being moved.

In paintings, sculptures, and photos, we try many different ways to freeze the time and to make motions into static moments. The wind is blowing; a flag is flapping. However, the wind does not move, does not move the flag. It is the human mind in motion. In a static moment, only the mind is in motion.