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Provide UX design consulting service. Create visual elements (icons, graphics) and design UI components for the project.


“The Harris Poll” website was a 2000s website. With the rebrand and redesign, the client wants to reveal insights and influence in today's society and the marketplace.

Information architecture

Information architecture is the foundation of User Experience. The structural design of information is important because it helps in organizing and labeling websites so that users can find exactly what they’re looking for. Simplify and update its IA is our first task



Homepage v1r5

Newsfeed style homepage

To show “The Harris Poll” insights and influences in today's new media.


Using sub-brand to categorize all the Pages/Services

On Demand_v3r2
Harvard Harris_v3r5

Text & Visual Aid

The website was text-heavy, so we embrace visual aid to balance it. Using icons to help visitors glance and navigate the site.

Social Lab_v3

© 2020 Crafted by Alan /

© 2020 Crafted by Alan /