Learning for a Small World - Ver.1

An edu-tainment platform to embrace and explore science, culture, and imagination.


My role

At Learning for a Small World (LSW) Ver.1, I take responsibility for all creativities, from initial branding, title sequence, design system to UI design, printing material design. With a deep understanding of the project, I also offer user experience insights and bring a strategic view to the project that balances short-term needs and longer-term requirements. 

Learning for a Small World (LSW) Ver.1 is an edu-tainment platform. It offers informative and entertaining content that perfectly fits the user behavior — fragmented time learning.

Product goals

A couple of goals we aimed to achieve at Learning for a Small World (LSW):

  1. Product-wise: make it easier to find the answer amidst the massive web haystacks.
    Our platform provides in-depth perspectives by parenting with high-quality content providers, including video, reading material, and visual content. 
  2. Give a new answer to the low completion rate on 1st generation online courses. 
    "Despite a flood of investment, internet education startups, led by Udacity and Coursera, failed to find a formula that works. Only 4 percent of students complete online courses ..."
    We believe edu-tainment is the new generation e-learning platform

Edu-tainment platform

We aren't reinventing the wheel. We analyze and re-think online course solution.

Use fragmented time

The user behavior has changed in the past few years. Users tend to use the fragmented time for receiving new information, like learning casually on YouTube, reading social media feed during daily commute. So, we break down the course into small sections, and each section has its relevant video. Also, we limit the length of each course video to increase the watch completion rate of each video.

Immerse in the community

The platform not only provides edu-tainment courses but also enlightens each others’ spirits. To do that, we think beyond a simple comment section, we build the forum where everyone can debate and discuss.    


Mobile Design


Results & Learning

Over 75% video completion rate

Fragmented learning drives high engagement with the content. It works.

Empathy leads me to the room of users needs

In this project, the biggest challenge was to build a product from the ground up without any users. However, with all the trending reports and research papers I have read, and my observation on the users' current solutions, like learn casually on YouTube, I can see all aspects of users, put myself into their shoes, and understand their needs. Empathy leads me to the room of users needs.

Test with thousands of potential users: Testing with Marketing

We did user preference tests through the Facebook AD campaign where we can get in touch with thousands of potential users. As a result, We identified how we could better improve the website from a UI design perspective.

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