Learning for a Small World - Ver.1

An edu-tainment platform to embrace and explore science, culture, and imagination.

Product Design, UX & UI Design, Branding

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Lead the creative design of “Learning for a Small World” project. Design Brand Identity System, define and design UX/UI, create marketing assets.


Too Much to Know:

I can’t tell what’s factual and what’s fake. Will AI take my job? What is …?

“The internet is becoming an ocean of knowledge. When we search a subject, we get plenty of material (videos, docs, etc.). Is there a way to choose the best quality without getting lost and confused and waste a lot of time?”

It’s too hard to find the answer amidst the massive web haystacks.

The online education business has failed to live up to the hype

“Despite a flood of investment, internet education startups, led by Udacity Inc. and Coursera Inc., failed to find a formula that works. Only 4 percent of students complete online courses…”

Low completion rate on 1st generation online courses


Offer in-depth perspectives. Make learning more enjoyable


The boundary between fiction and reality is no longer clear. Liquid-metal AI chased us around in the movie screen, while AI speaks to us today through our mobile phones, and assists us to manage our life.

How do we think about this? What are the facts? How do we plan for ourselves in light of all this?

“Learning for a Small World” offers an in-depth perspective that is both informative, and entertaining. We invite you to explore the answer together.

Solution: Edu-tainment platform

Innovative Online Course

We aren't reinventing the wheel. We analyze and re-think online course solution.


Fragmented time advantage

The user behavior changed. Users tend to use the fragmented time for receiving new information.

We break down the course into small sections, and each section has its relevant video. Also, we limit the length of each course video to increase the watch completion rate of each video.

Enrich the smartness and fun

“Interest Is the Best Teacher.”

Trending topics, concepts that you have heard about every day. However, you don’t understand them or don’t have an in-depth perspective of them. For example, Multi-culture, Fake News, Genomics, AI, eSport.

Also, in-depth perspectives of the trending topics will inspire you. Enrich mind, enlighten spirits and enhance life.

Immersing with the community

Learning is not a lonely process as it shouldn't. As we have mentioned, we will explore answers and possibilities together. The community is one of the key components for our users. We encourage everyone to talk to people with like-minded interests, debate and discuss.


We have hundreds of thoughts on innovating the next generation e-learning platform, but we also have a tightened timeline. We divide the project into phases, then narrow down the features for version 1 without losing our unique selling proposition.

Information Architecture


User flow

Modularize content block

2-Unenrolled course-expanded

Template for all the unique courses


The website is a container for content


Create distraction-free learning experiences

Good design should blend into the background; it should be the servant of instructor and learner, not their master.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any devices

Easily accessing is the foundation of efficiently fragmented learning

1-Unenrolled course-m
11-home page-m

Brand Identity System

Logo, color, typeface, title sequence

To see all the perspectives which will enrich your mind, enlighten spirits and enhance life.

Measure Success


20% average bounce rate

Most new users are willing to explore the website.


2x as many as the average purchase conversion rate in the industry

We sell courses like e-commerce websites. Our purchase conversion rate is 4.7%, which is 100% higher than the average conversion rate in 2018 (2.35%).


79.8% video completion rate

Fragmented learning drives high engagement with the content. It works.


Empathy leads me to the room of users needs.

In this project, the biggest challenge was to build a product from the ground up without any users. However, with all the trending report and research paper I have read, and my observation on the users' current solutions, like learn casually on YouTube, I can see all aspect of users, put myself into their shoes, and really understand their needs. Empathy leads me to the room of users needs.

Test with thousands of potential users: Testing + Marketing

Also, we did user testing though Facebook AD campaign where we can get in touch with thousands of potential users. As a result, We identified how we could better improve the website from a UI design perspective.

© 2020 Crafted by Alan / hello@lyzhie.com

© 2020 Crafted by Alan / hello@lyzhie.com